We are looking to build our team!

At ByTiannaOsbourne you will work closely with our founder and team in a comfortable yet productive workspace. Below are the current positions we offer and a brief description. 
For sewing interns, we prefer bronx based because interns will be working in our bronx studio.

Sewing interns:

We are looking for people with a basic knowledge of sewing and has an interest in learning more about the development and production process at ByTiannaOsbourne. Work alongside our team in our Bronx-based studio.
Sewing interns are paid a weekly stipend, during weeks worked. 
Sewing interns also receive unlimited help with their own brand/designs
  • Young & turnt
  • Interest in streetwear and the fashion scene
  • Organizational skills
  • Confident in fabric cutting & machine sewing
  • Assisting with the production & development process simultaneously
  • Assisting in quality control at the studio 
  • Assist during collection prep
  • Source fabrics, trims, notions, etc. within NYC'S fabric district
  • Assist in managing the fabric inventory 
  • Keeping workspace studio organized

Apply: Please email with sewing intern in the subject line. Attach your résumé and portfolio (if you do not have a portfolio, attach a link where we can see your previous sewing work)


BTS Photographer Intern: 

We are looking for an upcoming (FILM PREFERRED)  photographer with knowledge of the current streetwear landscape to shoot strictly behind-the-scenes content for ByTiannaOsbourne. Must be goal-orientated with the ability to take direction, but needs a little management and oversight to get the job done smoothly and efficiently.
The position is not paid, this internship is for photographers to shoot content for us while practicing and gaining more fashion photography experience. All rolls of film and development costs will be paid for by us.
  • Working and reliable film or digital camera 
  • Creative with a keen eye for photography and an out-of-the-box thought process
  • Interest in streetwear and the fashion scene
  • Executing ideas for branded content campaigns
  • Creating a concept, gathering inspiration, then shooting and launching the content
  • Assist the Creative Production Team on set during photo and video shoots
  • Work closely with the Creative Team to uphold the content standards of our brand

Apply: Please email with BTS Photography intern in the subject line. Attach your résumé and portfolio (if you do not have a portfolio, attach a link where we can see your previous work)




    We are seeking a woman/feminine presenting model of Caribbean descent with a visually appealing bedroom for an upcoming brand project photoshoot.  

    If you have a creative/aesthetically pleasing bedroom that reflects your unique style and Caribbean heritage this is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your space and become the face of our project.

    • Must be BLACK, & of Caribbean descent

    • Must be comfortable with Tianna + 1 member of our team  entering your bedroom and taking pictures on-site
    • Previous modeling experience required*

     Photoshoot location: Your bedroom


    To apply: Email Tianna at TIANNA@TIANNAOSBOURNE.COM with the subject line “Project Model Search."

    * Include your name or preferred nickname, age, height, contact info, instagram and attach a recent full-body photo along with photos of your bedroom showcasing the aesthetic and unique elements