Tianna Osbourne is self taught fashion designer who is actively striving to bring something fresh and original to the fashion scene. Born and raised in NYC, naturally Tianna has always had an eye for creativity. At the mere age of 9 she was making paper mâché bags for her family members, by 14 she was selling customized jeans to peers, and at 17 she released her brand "BY TIANNA OSBOURNE" with collection full of graphic tees and distressed jeans. Now at 19, her 6-figure brand includes all types of unique cut & sew pieces that you literally can't find anywhere else.



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Tianna Osbourne, who is a self-proclaimed “kid from the Bronx trying to put her hometown on the map,” is a designer and business owner. She describes her brand as “a mix of art, individuality, and fashion which produces clothing that’s new and refreshing in an industry where everything is overused.”

- Our BLM Movement is Boosting Black Fashion Brands by Tiara Williams @thetiaraw : https://jmagonline.com/articles/our-blm-movement-is-boosting-black-fashion-brands/


"Tiannaosbourne creates masterpieces out of denim and other everyday fabrics like tapestry and lettered beads! She describes her clothing line as 'wearable art' and I totally agree! The usage of different mediums is honestly what makes her unique. Her brands were one of the first I seen to use printed images on denim."

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"Tianna Osbourne aspires to create her own versatile language in the industry through fabric and recycled collectibles to redefine ethical means style. Her hustle and dedication is undeniable! As she would say 'STAY PERSISTENT, DON'T SEE OTHERS AS COMPETITION.'"

- Evoluer Magazine @evoluermagazine