The story of ByTiannaOsbourne begins almost 6 years ago, with 1 pair of jeans. 

"My 15th birthday was coming up and I didn't want to wear something basic, but I couldn't afford the real fly sh*t either, so I just made my own jeans." - Tianna

Designer, founder, and creative directer Tianna Osbourne is a self taught designer who is actively striving to bring something new and original to the fashion scene. Born and raised in NYC, naturally Tianna has always had an eye for creativity.

"I started off by ripping, customizing, and adding stuff like paint splatter to the jeans my cousin would get me from her job. Eventually I started working at old navy, and would use my employee discount to buy a bunch of jeans and customize them from my friends."

At the mere age of 9 Tianna was making paper mâché bags for her family members, by 15 she was selling customized jeans in her highschool's hallways. At 16 she released her first brand - TeenageEmotins

"I really had no sense of direction with my first brand, I just named it TeenageEmotins because one of my favorite rappers at the time Lil Yatchy released an album called teenage emotions. I had wrote the words teenage emotions in sharpie on my jeans, and I didn’t realize I smelled emotions wrong until after, but then I talked to my friends and they thought it was a cool idea if I kept the word emotins not emotions.”

A few months later she changed the name to TNGE - short for ToonaiveGoodEvolution, one year after that she rebranded to bring you all "BY TIANNA OSBOURNE".

My first two brands teenage emotions and TNGE were really just a way for me to get my creativity out, ByTiannaOsbourne is a way more structured and professional version of all of my creative thoughts. Making clothes has always been a passion of mine, I first touched a sewing needle in third grade, and from then I’ve pretty much known I’d be doing something creative with my life.”

By Tianna Osbourne is a New York based brand